Be Patient… Enjoy your Time!

I had the nicest gas station clerk ask me yesterday how it was traveling with two kids by myself.  She said she was going to Miami next week and she wanted to know if she needed to start worrying, now. Of course this conversation took place after I had been reigning my kids I’m from the super size gatorades they didn’t need, reminding Flint that just because gummies came in a giant bag, didn’t mean he would be eating them all at once, etc…

So I stopped after her question and thought for a minute about all the adventures I had been on just them and me and said “it’s really not bad. Just have a bit of patience, think of fun games to find stuff on the road as you pass buildings and signs, and have a tablet of some sort, and you will be fine.”

Sometimes I forget that I was once intimidated about going places alone with two kids but after waking up in Atlanta with the boys talking of the cool light fixtures they see hiding in the buildings and the height of the high rises around us; I remind myself why it’s so important to take them new places to get their creative juices flowing.

So today I’m thankful for the ability to travel with my kids and work in an industry that if you can dream it, you have the potential to make it come to life!