Be Patient… Enjoy your Time!

I had the nicest gas station clerk ask me yesterday how it was traveling with two kids by myself.  She said she was going to Miami next week and she wanted to know if she needed to start worrying, now. Of course this conversation took place after I had been reigning my kids I’m from […]

No Fear

No fear.  My youngest child simply has no fear. He was laying in the bath last night letting his mouth full up with water before jumping up, spitting it out, gaining an adrenaline rush, and then going back down for another round because I swear, he loves to just push the envelope. Every day, just […]

Make your House Accommodate you!

When I made an opening in the wall between my kitchen and living room, I wondered if I was being a little obsessive about being able to see my kids while I was in the kitchen; but after not even 3 months into living in this house with an almost two year old and 7 […]