We believe in SUBTLE hints of the past with all the conveniences of today.  ANTIQUES mixed with the current CREATIVE pieces to create UNEXPECTED HARMONY. Flow and functionality for the way a FAMILY lives is a must.  We believe in FRESH starts at any age, travel breeds CREATIVITY and every person has a style and a vision if you take the time to ask.  We CHOOSE our battles but fight for the overall vision of interior flow with maximum function, believe in finishes done EXQUISITELY and mistakes and problems will happen.  PROBLEM SOLVING should be quick, calm, and CREATIVE.  EXERCISE clears the mind, fresh food feeds the SOUL, and sleep is a must.  We believe that girls can use power tools, pick up furniture with the best of them, and run companies with FERVOR and style.  We are UNAPOLOGETICALLY proud of where we come from and believe that our HISTORY is what makes our future so BRIGHT.