Make your House Accommodate you!

When I made an opening in the wall between my kitchen and living room, I wondered if I was being a little obsessive about being able to see my kids while I was in the kitchen; but after not even 3 months into living in this house with an almost two year old and 7 year old, I am so glad I made that decision.

I also am happy I chose to just make a knee wall out of the opening looking into the living room because my youngest would have tried to dive into the couch from the second floor, daily.

So, as much as I want houses to look good, I believe in the common sense rationale where you look at where you are in your life and make your house accommodate you!

I have too much invested in these kids to have a wall stop me from being able to monitor their stupid decisions and stop them before they hurt themselves.  Down the road, when they realize they aren’t invincible, I will have an excuse to make changes again! 🙂