No Fear

No fear.  My youngest child simply has no fear. He was laying in the bath last night letting his mouth full up with water before jumping up, spitting it out, gaining an adrenaline rush, and then going back down for another round because I swear, he loves to just push the envelope. Every day, just doing stupid shit trying to get a reaction. I used to only let him roam in fenced in yards or contained atmospheres, but that just made it worse when we did get in places where he could watch my eyes but it of my head as he ran towards traffic. But now that I know I can tell with my eastern ky twang “Flintrock” or Harlan (his first name) and get him to stop in his tracks, I just try to breathe deep and let him explore. Doesn’t mean I’m not buying into the helicopter transport program for a hugely discounted rate if he has to be stat flighted and purchased an accident policy for all of us…But as I watch him, I realized that when it comes to business I’m an envelope pusher, an out of the box thinker, and someone who gets high off of watching people’s faces when they tell me it won’t work or it can’t be done because I actually belong in a bigger city. So I would like to thank karma for reminding me of my personality traits that have been emphasized in a style that only Flint could rock.

Please pray for us now and often; it’s my job to keep him alive.