Boutique Billboard Program

We’re proud of our Boutique billboard program that approaches billboards in smaller towns and downtowns with a creative design eye that produces billboards that blend in or add value to the aesthetics of a town, all while limiting their ads to advertisers who generate revenue for the area in the form of a small business, tourist attraction, or major economical contributor while keeping the ad design and message aligned with the town or counties image.  We also appreciate the first 7 seconds coming into a town as a visitors “first impression” and like to help implement lantern programs with crisp landscaping that tells people that this city they just entered is interested in attention to detail.

This program works hand in hand with planning and zoning on a monthly or quarterly basis to show the newest ads that advertisers are coming up with and getting the city’s “blessing” before each posting.
Freelance believes in communication and attention to detail and a boutique billboard firm is the only way to go to keep the out of home approach crisp and the highest of quality.

Not-For-Profit Program

We also provide services of putting signage in schools and not for profit facilities that help teams display their members with a crisp, well done wall hanging.  These hangings can also help sponsors up their donations to a larger amount due to the increased visibility of their name and the design of the artwork.  We love the programs that schools and not for profits strive to fund each day and being able to provide a crisp, on point design, helps get sponsors names in front of students and parents and money into fundraiser budgets! We think this is a win/win.