The game of Catfish…rug style

I have rugs that I will continue to build rooms around for the rest of my life and then I have rugs that I ignore that I have in my possession in hopes they will just drift off to a new home because I don’t have the heart to put them in the trash because they are ok; not great, but ok.

But I have had this love/hate relationship with the internet selling rugs and the monitors we view them on lying to me about their appearance and receiving an ugly rug via ups.  Ugly rugs are more problematic than your average ugly purchase because you have to tape it up with packing tape, find the return label, and use all of the muscles that your workout teaches you to use to drag it back to a ups center and send it back to the liars that represented this rug as attractive.

So, I continue to support my local rug vendors and flea markets because I can actually see what the rug looks like before I put myself or a customer through the misery of receiving and sending back a “catfish” rug.